Doggy Roving Reporters

Famous Dogs of Instagram will be the Official Doggy Roving Reporters at Eukanuba Discover Dogs 2016 so make sure to try and spot them during the show.

Read about the Doggy Roving Reporters below who will be reporting on the latest news!

bruno the daschund

Bruno (@brunotheminidachshund)

Age: 2
Breed: Black and Tan Miniature Dachshund

Bruno may be half a dog high and one and a half dogs long but he has a huge personality and he wins over the hearts of everyone he meets! He is well known for his box destroying skills and his 'how to' guide is now teaching dogs and humans all over the world the best tips for ultimate box destruction! He also has an obsessive love for bow ties and gives Monday the best stink eye known to man.

Bruno will make the perfect roving reporter because he likes to be in on the action and can use his handsome looks to charm and wit to get all the doggy gossip. #newshound

coco the french bulldog

Coco (@cocothefrenchie1)

Age: 4
Breed: French Bulldog

Anyone who is familiar with Coco will know that she’s not afraid to go undercover to get to the bones of the matter - so you can be sure to count on her to dig up some exciting behind the scenes stories at Eukanuba Discover Dogs and to do some pawsome reporting on your behalf.

Coco’s sweet nature makes her a champion cuddler and a social butterfly and she hopes to meet lots of new people over the two days at ExCeL. Expect no holds barred reporting as Coco uncovers new products and styles in the dog world for all to discover and enjoy. She literally can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Dolly the maltese

Dolly (@dollyrocks2)

Age: 3
Breed: Maltese

Dolly is an outgoing, power packed white ball of fluff who lives a glamorous life in London. Known as a bit of a nosey parker, Dolly always has to know what is going on and keeps her paws firmly on the pulse. 

She is completely star struck and delighted to be asked to get some inside gossip at this year’s pawbulous Eukanuba Discover Dogs.

Ramsay the staffy

Ramsey (@BlueStaffy)

Age: 4
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Showing the true nature of the breed, Ramsey is a big softie. Well known for being a fan of a bubble bath and, of course, snuggling up in his favourite onesie with his beloved teddy bear, he will use his smiley nature to charm people and find out the top scoop at the event.

bruno the daschund

Reggie (@reggie_the_schnoodle)

Age: 1 year, 8 months 
Breed: Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle crossbreed)

Reggie the Schnoodle - The smiliest schnoodle in town. He lives in London - but enjoys travelling far and wide from glamorous photo shoots to pup friendly parks! Reggie can’t wait to meet all you lovely lot at Eukanuba Discover Dogs and will be posting super smiley live updates from the show.

coco the french bulldog

Winny (@winnythecorgi)

Age: 2
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Winston, aka winnythecorgi, is a London based Pembroke Welsh Corgi famed for his impeccable style, keen interest in puns and adorable smile. He can't wait to meet everyone at Eukanuba Discover Dogs and find the top scoop this year!

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